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How much clothing should I leave on for my massage?reiki_large
You should undress to your comfort level.You will be draped during your entire massage and your privacy respected.

How often should I get a massage?
Every person is different and has unique needs. Metaphorically speaking, our bodies are like cars. We drive our bodies every day and require good performance. In order to maintain the performance of our cars we change the oil, rotate the tires, check the brakes and fluids and keep it clean.Our bodies need care and attention and massage is one way of helping to maintain health. Remember, the one difference between our cars and our bodies is that we cannot trade ourselves in for a new model!

Sometimes after a massage I feel sore. Why is that?

Many types of massages are like a workout for the body. For example, deep tissue massage involves extensive muscle manipulation which can result in soreness if the body is unaccustomed to the sensation. A good massage helps to flush toxins out of the muscles. This can lead to some soreness. Some soreness is a signal that the massage is releasing toxins from the muscles and this is a desired benefit.Communicating with the massage therapist when the pressure is too much helps you manage the extent of discomfort.

Why is it beneficial to drink water after a massage?
Water flushes out toxins released from the tissues into the blood. Drinking water after a massage also helps to avoid dehydration, dizziness, soreness and possible nausea.

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