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Massage Therapy ( license #MM23160)6a0120a4cbac3d970b0120a5b128e0970c-800wi

Massage Therapy is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle and provides an overall feeling of health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Massage prices are as follows; $30 for 30min, $60 for 60min and $90 for 90min.

Yoga – Individual and Group
Yoga has been a centering practice for thousands of years. Participants of yoga often report improved mood, decreased worries, enhanced libido, increased spirituality, and improved physical strength and flexibility. Classes and individual session prices are determined by the practitioner. We have yoga classes on Monday and Thursday nights. Morning classes coming soon!

We offer group guided meditations and training for individual meditation. Guided meditation and visualizations can enhance performance on tests and sports activities. It can also be useful in changing habits and reducing the use of unwanted substances. Meditation should never be considered an alternative to treatment for a medical condition, but it can provide benefits to people who have anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, pain, high blood pressure, and seizures.

yoga_meditation_for_healthEnergy Work

We offer a wide array of energy work including reiki sessions.

Biomat Relaxation
This is an exciting new form of relaxation and is very economical at $10 for an hour session. You will lie down on an amethyst mini-biomat which will provide you with a relaxing infrared experience with alkalinizing negative ions while listening to one of our meditation CD’s from our meditation library or one of your own. The biomat is also different from other heating pads in that it uses tourmaline which provides deep heat penetration. Anyone who has had recent eye surgery or a history of heart problems should consult with their physician prior to utilizing a biomat.

Probiotics new2
We offer probiotics for children and adults. Please be aware that when you first start a probiotic, you may experience tummy discomfort.  

Gut Health

If our gut is not happy, we are not happy! We offer an array of supplements to support gut health.

Professional Development
The Achievement and Relaxation Center understands that in these hard economic times it is hard to know what to do with one’s time. Opportunities are hard to come by and sometimes doing something is better than doing nothing. Multi-level marketing often has a bad connotation, and we never push anyone into becoming a multi-level marketer. However, some people do manage to make a living with these types of companies. We do not offer any quick success stories, only a belief that these are quality products and worth our time to offer to you because we believe in the benefits that these products can provide. We make no claims in the financial viability of the companies or your ability to establish financial gains with these products. We just really like them, and they may be of interest to someone who is looking for a good multi-level marketing product. We are distributors for Isagenix, Xocai chocolate, Reliv and the Biomat. If you would like to join anyone of these teams, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Winter Special!

3 Semi-Private Yoga Classes
and a One Hour Massage for $99!